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Sanli Village, Houzhai Township, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City




Company Profile

Zhengzhou Hongxing Abrasives and Grinding Tools Co., Ltd., is an independent corporate enterprise registered in the Administration of Industry and Commerce, mainly engaged in the production and sales of abrasives (commonly known as emery) and grinding tools (commonly known as grinding wheels) and advanced refractories. It is located in the southwest suburb of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, about 19 kilometers away from the urban area. The predecessor of the company is Zhengzhou Erqi Abrasives and Grinding Tools Factory, founded in July, 1983, mainly engaged in the production of grinding tools (grinding wheels), ceramics and resin grinding wheels in the early stage; and it built the abrasive production line and micro-powder production line in 1996. Its products are mainly sold to domestic provinces and cities.

In September, 1998, the factory was undertaken by private person and reformed into a joint-stock company. After many setbacks, it successively opened up a number of large customer channels, such as some branches of Dongfeng Automobile Factory (commonly known as Second Automobile Workshop - SAW), including the professional production plant, carriage factory, axle factory, gearbox factory, standard parts factory, wheel factory, engine factory, sparkplug bearing bush factory, assembly factory and so on, and established business relations with them. In addition, it also established business relations with Shougang, Dalian Special Steel, Luoyang Bearing Factory, Hebei Bearing Plant, Zhengzhou Bearing Plant, Nanjing Motorcycle Factory, Shaanxi Hong’an Company, Jincheng Military Factory and many other large enterprises. But not for long, due to the complex triangular debt of state-owned enterprises, after many years, the company terminated some business relations and retained relations with the enterprises who have good payment reputation. 

In 2005, the company cooperated with Beijing Tianrong Foreign Trade Company, to make the corundum abrasives exported to India.

In 2011, the company provided supporting products for the rubber driving wheels of Shanghai manufacturing enterprises, which were exported to Brazil.

In 2013, the company cooperated with a company in Shenzhen to export grinding wheels to Thailand.

Our abrasive production is divided into two parts:

1. The emery production line (6#-280#)with an annual production capacity of 3000-5000 tons.

2. The micropowder production line (320#-8000#) with an annual production capacity of 2600 - 4000 tons.

One production line of grinding wheel, can produce ceramic, resin and rubber grinding wheels at the same time, with an annual production capacity of 2000 -3000 tons.

Abrasives and grinding tools are widely used in machine manufacturing, light industry, heavy industry, iron and steel, military industry, shipbuilding, home appliances and many other industries. Abrasives and grinding tools are industrial teeth, and more developed the industry is, more abrasive and grinding tools enterprises are needed.